Salle de quilles - Bowling alley - Quille-O-Drome Gatineau - Secteur Aylmer

 (c) Galaxie Aylmer 2018  


Opening Hours.

Sunday 11am - 10pm
Monday Noon - 10pm
Tuesday Noon - 10pm
Wednesday Noon - 10pm
Thursday Noon - 10pm
Friday Noon - Midnight
Saturday 11am - Midnight
Note: We do not accept new players after 11pm on Fridays ans Saturdays.

Important notice.

Shoes location is mandatory.
No food allowed except birthday cakes, pizza for special occasions.
We only accept reservations with a $50 deposit.
Payment must be made in advance via e-transfer
using the following address:
No password.

We do not accept credit cards or debit cards.
All transactions must be made in cash only.
ATM machines are available on the premises.

No refund will be issued if the event is cancelled
within 72 hours of the scheduled date.

Promotion based on groups of 25 players or more!

5 pin lanes.

$20 for 3 games, shoes included!
(Also applies to Rock & Bowl).
Reservation required. See reservation procedure above.

Prices 2024

$8 per game per person.
Shoes rental: $4

Kids Party

Reserve now for your next get together!
Either for a kids party, a family reunion, a work related activity or a group of friends, we will be more than happy to accommodate your needs and offer you a special deal.

Starting April 1st 2024

Option #1 ($22 per person)
One bowling hour for all lanes (4 players per lane).
One hour in the party room.
Shoes rental included.

Option #2 (29$ par person)
One bowling hour for all lanes (4 players per lane).
One hour in the party room.
Shoes rental included.
One Slushi (small)
One popcorn (small)
*You can add an extra hour for $50 in the party room.

Rock & Bowl

$9 per game per player (Friday and Saturday after 8:30pm)
$4 shoes rental


You would like to create your own team or join an existing one?
Give us a call and we will be more than happy to set it up for you!

Click on the picture to get a 360° panoramic view of our bowling hall.

Actual bowling leagues at the Quille-O-Drôme

Give us a call if you would like to join these leagues
or if you would like to create your own!

5 Pin Leagues

One O'Clock Girls - Wednesday p.m.
Hollowglen - Wednesday evening
Beach Grove - Thursday evening
50+ - Thursday p.m.
Rescapés - Friday p.m.
Arc-en-ciel (Rainbow) - Sunday evening.

10 Pin Leagues

Klassic League - Monday evening
10 Pin League - Tuesday evening
Mixed league - Wednesday p.m.
Galaxie League - Friday p.m. 
Oktoberfest - Friday evening.

 (c) Galaxie Aylmer 2018.